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Deep blue eyes

Well... it was about a year ago when me and my boyfriend broke up his best friend had been talking to me cause i had been upset, we had a fling a couple of months ago while i was still going out with my boyfriend and i had mixed feelings for him. A couple of days later i had a big fight with my ex-boyfriend at school because he only just found out about my fling i got upset again so my ex's friend asked me if i wanted to go to the movies to take my mind off things but i just said that it would be better if we left things for a while. I was talking to him on the phone when i started to get upset again then he said he had to go for a bit then he would call me back. I was wating for about 30 mins for his call but he never called... so i was about to lie down when my phoned started to ring i jumped up to answer it he said if i cant got to the movies with you could i at least see you know with that my blacony doors opend and he walked over and gave me the softest but most passionate kiss id ever had. Then he leaned in again but i said that i cant do this with that i got upset and started crying again he could have left but he stayed there and hugged me till i stopped crying i then looked up he just stared into my eyes and then kissed me again he then lifted my chin and looked straight into my eyes and said i wont hurt you like he did ... I loove you he then continued to kiss me then i looked up into his deep blue eyes and said I love you no matter what happens. Then i fell asleep in his arms i woke up the next morning with a smile on my face. We are still together to this very day i managed to sort things out with my ex-boyfriend and we now are just friends although my boyfriend has never sorted things out between them .....
i love you for ever and always Babe x


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