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Lesbian love

lesbian love
this one, i know is different. i can feel it when i look into her eyes. i went over that night. my feeling were stonger then ever. maybe i just wanted to see her, i dont know. when i opened that door and greeted ms.x i looked up and i saw her standing at the top at the stairs with a smile that melted by heart. it felt as though i was in a different world, a world that portaighed just her image at the moment. no other sense in my body functioned. she was calling me to come upstairs as i re-entered the real world. we both went up to her room and sat on the bed. nothing much to do in this small town. as we started to talk about the most embarresing moments in our lives and how some people just just bug us. there was a point in time were i fell in love. i stoped her in the middle of her story and decided to do the most daring thing iv ever done in my life. but atleast this time it was for real. i looked at her in her eyes and grabbed her hand and held it tight in mine. as i spoke "you are very important to me, and it seems that..." i stoped for a second to gather my words. "...every time i see you, my heart beats its hardest... as if im in there trying to let out my true self." i moved slightly closer to her and spoke again, "you are what i think about, you are who i dream about and you are the most imporanted person to me and well... im in love with you." my head seemed to angle itself more twards the floor and i said my final words to her, the final words in my heart that wanted to bad to come out... "i want to kiss you" then in a brief second my head was tilted back up and there it happened, i small kiss that filled my body with those so called butterflies. iv never felt so happy in my life. after that one kissed she looked at me and i the same to her. we smiled and then she knocked me down to the bed and climbed up to my ear and whispered softly. "do you really love me?" and with not a moment to hesitate i flipped your on her back and whispered back "more than anything"


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