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Long time romance

I was 4 years old. My first time for meeting friends outside, I was scared, and nervous. I was riding my bike, up and down the street. While I was turning down the street I saw something in the corner of my eye... It was him. He walked towards me and he caught me looking at him so he stopped, waved, and finished walking towards me. He asked " Can I have a turn on the bike? " I said yes. He got on the bike and then he fell. I ran towards him and asked.." Are you okay? " He smiled and said " Yeah its okay. " We smiled at eachother for atleast a minute. We both reached for the handlebar at the same time. "Ouch!" I said. "That hurt me to" He replied back. For the rest of the day we played together. We played together everyday. 7 years later..... I was ten... We still played together... I told him how i felt... and it turns out he felt the same way. But then jossie got in the way so he dumped me. I'm 11 now.. Were still neighbors, And I am trying to tell him how I feel... We kissed once. It was like I was flying.. But I draw pictures and poems about him look for my poems you'll see them on here. Anyway, we talk.. he smiles, I smile, We look into eachothers eyes and it feels like were the only ones there. I shall resume with this story..


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