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Confusing relationship

My love story is quite simple but also complicated. day I received a txt message on my internet page from a boy..he was just asking for my messenger id. What surprised me a lot was that we didn't tell me like the other boys that i'm pretty & he wants to talk to me..this simple way of approaching me. Firstly i checked his net page, but i didn't answered, but one day, being really upset i decided to send him a message giving him my id.

Few days later we started to talk each other, we also changed our phone numbers & everything went so well. He called me on the fist night & was really surprise the way i speaked & i thought so he was very impatient on seeing me.

We met after one week when he surprised me with his call. He told me that he will came to my adress & me to be ready to see him. It was late on the night, but there was a concert in my neighbourhood so my mother had nothing against going out. This is the best part..I met him, & even if he was tired and had a terrible headache he was so lovely. I instantly fell in love with him. I felt that we were meant to be together. So, we decided to take for a drive in order to better know each other. He tryed to kiss me but i refused & asked him if he had a girlfriend & that eas the moment he changed his face & told me that he didin't want to cheat on me..well, he had a girlfriend for 3 years, but she has cheated him & then he felt i could help him forgeet her..and so on..i was extremelly dissapointed..but i decided to believe him, 'cause i never felt sth like that for someone else..

So, there passed a week when he daily came to me at the night..passed two...I felt more and more with him, 'cause he was everywhere. My friends met him,, my parents also, and everyone liked him a lot. I was so proud of me taking once in my life the best decision..but after one month and a half he changed his behaviour. He didn't look me the same way, he didn't seem to be that in love..he actually looked sad when we met. I also became suspicious & quarrel with him..:(

I decided to go out more with my friends & to resolve our problems in time. So, when i went i out with some friends in a cafeteria he called me & told me he was so disappointed of me, that he saw me huging an other guy..& that he cannot believe i could do that to him. I started to cry, to swear that i loved him & wasn't me that one he saw, but he didin't want even to hear my reply. I'm extremely emotional I suffered a depression after that & my parents send me to the seaside, to the mountains, everywhere they could, only to forget him..but i couldn't. At the seaside, i sent him a message(being a lil drunk) & telling him that i was really well & had taken the best decision he could. Obviously, the other day he called me, being unexpectedly angry & askink me if i had someone else & if i forgot him so fast..i only told him that the moment he decided to break out i was just with him, & i only loved him..When i came back to my town i heard that after few days we broke up was "HER"(the girl he was with for 3 year) birthday, so i presume they made it up.

Now, i'm not sure if they are together...3 days ago was his birthday & i sent him a txt coming from the heart..& called me...he seemed surprised, happy, and i felt that he regretted sth...After this we decided to talk someday...and not to be enemies.

What i can say is that i love him more than i ever thought i could, but i don't know if i could understand him & maybe made up someday.


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