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Right now I am dating the coolest most interesting, funny, talented girl in the grade. She is my second girlfriend and only third crush. I am sooo happy dating her. But it took awhile.

We met in sixth grade. up until that day I hardly knew of her existence. I had seen her but didn't know anything about her. On this particular day the sixth grade was going on a hike. The two of us had both forgotten our permission forms. So we stayed at school the whole day. It was kind of weird but we started talking and talked for alot of the day. She told me after she asked me out that she had started to develop a crush on me. But at the time I had a crush on someone else.

One year later, I had a crush on a new person. This new person happened to be the best friend of my current girlfriend. We became friends and she asked me out. I said yes. We went out once and remained boyfriend and girlfriend for a month. Then she broke up with me. I was very sad after that. That was when my current girlfriend told her friend that she had a crush on me. So her friend gave her my IM and we started talking on IM, at school, after school. All the time I was getting over my first girlfriend. My current girlfriend's friends pestered her until finally, she asked me out. Which was good because I had developed a crush on her.

Now I am extremely happy with her. Its been over 4 months and its been great the whole time.

First crush, now a friend, but not a crush. Second crush, no longer a crush. Third crush, my amazing girlfriend whom I am happily dating.
I want to stay with her for a long, long time.


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