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Sweet lips

It was saturady night and my girlfriend and i went to our local club,a week befor christmas sitting near santa this man came up to me and said i looked really pretty. he was so cute but i heard he had a girlfriend so forget him. i then see him the week after we talk have a dance he seemed nice. through a network of friends he got my number. He rang me to go for dinner i said girlfriend he said no where off fighting. well for me that was like the green light. i did go out with him, he was so effectionate just the man i would of wanted 20 years ago. The months pass we get on great somehow my friends say he still has a girlfriend. i asked he said YES what a blow for me he goes away with her too but he assures me nothing happens. i have now fallen for him so bad.We go out he lies to her. he sees her iam sad.what a strange situation i have gotten myself into 8 months later iam still the other women how did this happen to me? Well today i have written him a letter i need to be strong bye bye my sweet lips.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxforever your cuppie


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