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Heart was broken

I am 19 years old and since i was a small child i believed to do some holiday jobs to gain exprience,well one day i met this guy who was currently finishing school at my school.
We kind of had a fight because he threw a tantrum because he was'nt getting the service he was hoping to get,we were quite busy that day
I was astonished when he suddenly called my name,i felt bad because i did'nt even know we were at the same school.To my surprise.i found out that we were in the same church too..well we got to know each other after and soon he was in love.i kind of played hard to get althought i wanted to be with him badly just to see if he's sincere,butwhen i finally came around to taking him,he had a girlfriend..
For which he dated for 3 years.i lost all hope.
Then one we met,he kissed me,and whoa,did the world stop turning!!!we were together for 2 months when he suddenly told me he still loves his ex..needless to say my heart was broken to 1000 pieces...
Today i still love him so much it's hard to even think in the good times we had,as Leona Lewis sings "it will get better in time"ironcally i hate the way i love him but still wish he returns like the first time.


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