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Right now, I'm a freshman in hs. and He's a junior in hs. We also go to different schools.

I remember the first day I met him. I was in 4th grade and I went to a temple so perform a dance or so. I don't remember anything specific but that he was making fun of me. Later on, my dad wanted me to switch temples to the one I met him. I didn't want to go cuhs I remember that there was aboy who made fun of me there. (btw, when I said temple, I meant the buddhist youth group)

So in 6th grade going on to 7th of August, I joined.When camp time came along, I was stuck in his team. I didn't like him at that time one bit. We argued 24/7.

Time passed on and we got to know each other a little bit more. We were pretty chill. One time when I freaked out was when it was time to go home and he just came and hugged me ! I'm like wtf ?! Hahaha (:

(This year) So there was this one time when some of us went somewhere to perform a dance. while we waited, me and him talked and mess around. he was flirting with me like crazy ! and he touched me as well. after that, he got my aim sn and he started to talk to him. I thought he was annoying cuhs all he did was talk about sexual stuff. I wasn't interested in something that was based on that shiet. so I told him. he told me he lust for me. I thought that was cute (: so slowly we stopped talking for like 2 weeks ? idk, but yeahs. well it was 2 weeks before summer camp. at camp, I felt he was ignoring me ): usually when we sees me, he would hug me. at some points at camp, it seems like he would only stare at me, and sometimes where he just ignore me. at camp, I heard some rumors saying he sleep with me if he had the chance. I was like WHOA ! and suprise. that made me feel empty as if he doesn't want me. we had some misunderstanding at camp. that camp made me realize that I want him. so at the bonfire, he went to sit next to me and all (: so we were talking, and one boy camp up and said he needa pee. so me and him decided to take the boy. we sat outside against the wall just looking at the sky. I wanted to kiss him so badly. I was cold so I wnated him to hold me.

Right after that camp, we texted each other talking about everything. all out misunderstandings and mixed feelings for each other. now, we talk every single day and until one of us fall asleeps. (: after work, he would walk 20 min to my house just to see me. we would take walks, holding hands, and talking (: and evryday, we would just hug and he holds me making me feel full of security and love (: and we would kiss. he was also my first kiss. ahaha. so far, its going well. 080808, was the first day of the camp and right now is 083108. that's the longest time I've ever talk and together anything with guy. im not really good with relationships. I usually get tired of guys easlily, but he's different (: im really glad right now. I want us to be together even longer, maybe forever. oh yeahs ! forever by chris brown is our song ! ahaha (:

well, I heart you. <3


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