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Rarest of them all

It all started off in my first year at high school I was hanging out with my best friend as I usually did when we went behind the shops there he was and she knew him standing there with a boy I knew. My heart raced uncontrollably and I wanted to get to know him straight away Id never felt or acted this way before his eyes were beautiful and when they said they had to go get there bus I lost all my intentions and started linking arms with him and I was being uncontrollably happy and I felt so silly later when I added him on msn but we didnt really talk much and I thought he would never want anything to do with a girl like me he was too gorgeous too out of my world. I gave up on him and would just say hello whenever he walked past and said it to me but most times Id just admire him from a distance in the courtyard. I started dating people and would think Id fallen in love with them but whenever I broke up with them he was on my mind and when I went out with his friend who was with him behind the shops in my second year and he was talking with us he was all I thought bout when he did this. In my second year I was thrilled to see he was in most of my lessons and the year before he hadnt been. I would do anything to sit next to him and Id always talk about him to my friends. Then one time Id fallen for him really bad again I told my best friend and she called round at his house for me and I was petrified I begged her not to at the last minute but when she did I was all smiles until he came out he looked really not bothered as though he didnt want to be there. Later on msn he told me he was just really tired as he had been to sports. I was really happy and he started going to my best friend he liked someone at the park but then he said he was only joking and soon announced he was going out with another girl. I was really upset I actually cried when I found out I thought I might have a chance but how stupid was I? so I thought. Later on in their relationship he would text me with lots of kisses and Id text him and he would flirt with me in lessons he would put his hand on my lap and I wrote on my wardrobe that I hearted him but then I started to fall for my best friend and started to slowly forget about him and didnt believe I had a chance. Time passed and I had my first time and soon I had my heartbroken by this boy I was with I really thought we had something specia.I really thought I was in love with him and we would be together for the rest of our lives but we were only together four months but still I felt ripped apart as though part of me had died and Id never be able to find anyone else but then in the summer I discovered that the boy I met in first year was going out with one of my friends I felt jealous and compared myself to her but at the same time felt happy for her and would tell her that Id never have took him from her but when I saw them together I went to see them and got shivers down my spine when he held my hands to teach me how to do diablo I felt happy and it felt right but soon I left and when I saw them down the street together I felt just jealous and would say what is so special about her? Then they split up (she split up with him) and soon he started to show an interest in me. He made me smile and got me through the early days. I wanted to be with him all the time and rushed home onto msn everynight to see what he would say to me next. I had a boyfriend at the time and didnt tell him I didnt dare breath the word to him and took all the information about him off my social networking site. I didnt want him to know and I spent every minute he would let with him. I was myself with a boy for the first time completely myself and he seemed to accept it. He would text me at dinnertimes just to tell me to come over and see him and I would and when he hugged me It felt really great. Then my best friend let it loose I had a boyfriend to save my butt as she said but I pretended to be happy but instead of happiness I felt like I was going to burst into tears I really couldnt believe this might be the end of what I felt we had between us but that night I explained to him and asked him upfront if he liked me and he told me he did and I told him that if he wanted me Id finish my boyfriend for him and I did and we agreed to go out in secret for the first week but the next morning I saw him and couldnt resist I wanted to feel his arms around me and I wanted to be seen with him I really couldnt stop thinking about him. I called him over and told him I didnt want to go out in secret and eventually he agreed not to and that breaktime he held me close and I never felt happier. In a weeks time we were soon telling each other we loved each other. I never had felt happier. I wanted to be with him all the time. Then we had our first make love session a couple of months later and he cried the night I had to leave it was one of my happiest moments. We've had our ups and downs but were magically in love hes saved my soul and he is undoubtedly my soul mate Id never give him up for the world. One year later and were still strongly in love were stronger then we were at the start we get stronger and closer each and every single day. We've cooked each other meals with candles and rose petals. We write each other letters and love notes. We leave memos on our phones for each other and we leave alarms to suprise each other. We are with each other every single day and we cant get enough of telling each other how happy we are and how much we love each other or what we mean to each other and we always tell each other how beautiful we are we get into silly arguments over who is more gorgeous or who loves who more and its really special. When were out with our friends we dont care we run into each others arms and kiss. We hold each other tight. We hold hands and hold each others waist. We say we love each other and stare at each other. We spend every waking moment together and we've even danced together in the streets as we walked. We've danced at his house together and we've shared romantic walks together. We love to write about our love and to remind ourselves what we have. We've had our little arguments but afterwards were stronger then we were before and we've never been really nasty to each other or had really bad arguments I dont think I could ever imagine treating him that way or arguing that way it would hurt too much we love each other too much. He proposed to me on my sixteenth birthday and we've now been engaged for almost six months and he proposed to me really romantically and we dont care what anyone says. We talk about our marriage and having children and we have already planned how we will still stay close as time passes and I dont think we could ever live without each other. I've lived with him for three months before and we always got along. We always loved each other as much as we had before but more. People say thats when you see the real person and you know when your to be but I saw the same person we do all the embarrasing things around each other we can go to the toilet infront of each other we can do all those things you do infront of families but even more then that. I know he is my soul mate and I know this is love and I wouldnt give it up for the world. I know were incredibly lucky and Im really excited about seeing him tomorrow last night it took me a while to get to sleep thinking about seeing him today. I can't wait to hold him and kiss him once more. How could I ever get tired of it? This isnt the end of our story I know theres more to come so this isnt a love story this isnt a story because it hasnt ended and it isnt going to end this is just recalling our love up till the present nothing more
I love him more then words or anything will ever describe we have the rarest of them all


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