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Romantic sweet hot guy

My Boy is i think the most romantic sweet hot guy i have ever met. When he asked me to go to a date in a restaurant i said OFCORSE. But what i didnt know is that he was going 2 propose 2 me! When he did all the employes Looked at us like OMG! and everyone that was eating stopped wat they were doing and looked at us. I was so Happy that day! I said yes. Duh. When we got married we went in the new house and lied on the bed. My dress was one of those dresses that push ur boobs up. and i was looking all sexy and my new husband was looking all hot. He ended up takeing off my dress and makeing out for 1 hours or so. Then the next day we ended up having sex. GOSH DOSE HE KNOW HOW 2 TURN ME ON. Ok guys heres a tip when ur haveing sex with a girl. Dont touch her down in the area until u play with her. Until she ends up saying stop or ur makeing me crazy THEN thats like her saying touch me down there. That happened to me.... OH AND im gonna have a baby soon. And im 21 years old. I got married when i was 18 years old. And we still have fun once in a while. ;D


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