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Love is a tricky thing

My story is one that I'll never forget and to this day is still going on. I moved to California my freshman year in high school. The first guy I really talked to I felt more than just drawn to. We couldn't take our eyes off each other. I know 15 is young right but I knew something was different about this guy. It was an unexplainable connection. We instantly became friends and talked about things as though we'd known each other forever. Every time I saw him my day lit up. I couldn't stop thinking about this feeling I had about him. We had hung out after school a few times but not for long periods of time but when we finally had time alone sparks flew. We both inside knew how we felt and how the other felt but there was never a verbal discussion about our feelings. I didn't he wanted anything so I could involved with someone else. Biggest mistake of my life. I never stopped thinking about him and the feeling I got with him. I didn't have an answer as to why it felt so right. We still talked even though I knew I shouldn't because every time we did a wave of emotions came over because I knew we were meant to be. He then got involved with someone which was like a stab in the heart. I couldn't stand the sight of them together because I knew that should be me. We continued to talk and saw each other a break. We wanted more than anything to spend all day and all night together but we knew it'd be wrong. Every time he'd touch me or look in his eyes I wanted to tell him everything I felt. We have a magnetic connection that is almost too strong to understand. We both would say what we thinking at the time but could't say the truth. Restisting was the hardest thing ive ever had to do. Was there a reason why we shouldn't be together? Why didn't things happen from the start? His said he loved me and wants me in his future but obvisouly right now is not our time, Im currently with a guy I really do love. More than anyone ive ever actually been with. But its a totally different feeling with Brandon. I know I love my boyfriend now but am I in love with Brandon? I will never know till we have the change to be in a relationship. Time will tell. Somethings just have a schedule and our time has not come yet. I dont think the feeling we need to be together will ever go away not matter how much I love someone else. Love is a tricky thing.


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