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It turned out all good

it was a while, but it turned out all good
from the day in band, i knew that you were the one
we were the best of friends then, and we slowly worked our way to where we are now.
we were friends that talked every once in a while, and had plenty of laughs together.
it was the 7th grade, when i relized that we were going to get closer. as the year passed me, you, and tyler were all the best of buddies, but i could tell me and you had a special friendship.
that year was great, we always talked and walk around together, we had so much fun in band together.
we didnt have any classes but band together, but we always found time to be together.
it was when the year ended and people began to leave, i realized i was falling for you. through that whole summer, i thought about you.
in the 8th grade, it was just how we left it. me, you, and tyler hangin out in the band hall, playing all those awesome songs. throughout that year we went to plenty of dances, and almost every dance i would ask you that special question, and always get the same answer..."i just want to be friends, im sorry."
those words always came to me when i though about you, and everytime they got louder and louder.
that year was a year of pain for me. the first guy you went first i was surprised, then i got more and more hurt by it. what you may have not known, was that he knew that i love you...and used that to hurt me.
the day that you left him made me so happy. that happening filled my hopes. during one of the last dances we had i was so sure that that night was the night. i talked to my friends, and finally they got me to go and ask you...
i was so happy when i asked you...but i got the one answer that i thought i would never get that night..."just friends"
i was crushed that night...didnt want to dance...didnt want to talk to anyone. the dance was getting close to being over, and i was wandering around not knowing what to do...then i saw you sitting down next to someone...and i said to myself "as long as she is happy"
that night was terrible. i didnt get much sleep that night, i thought about you alot, and the future.
i never gave up hopes of me and you being together. it was one of those thought that never left my mind.
the year had passed, and the dreaded seperation of friends was happeing.
that summer was long, boring, and sad...until we went to the movie one night as friends. we laughed and teased through out the movie, but there was a time when me and you looked at eachother, and i knew that that night was special, i had a feeling that i needed to tell you that i loved you...
that night was the best night of my life. i felt like you needed to know that i loved you. there was some times when you said that you loved will, and during those times i thought that if i told you, then it wouldnt matter...but i thought that even if she is in love with him, telling her that i loved her was the most important thing that night...
after long moment of pausing...i told you that i loved you. i remember you crying and saying that you loved me too, which made me the happiest person in the world. i thought about you, and you only...but i didnt think about the guy you were with...
it was a hectic summer with alot of emotions :/
you had broken up with that guy...which was pretty dang confusing at times...
we talked every night, and slowly over time me and you got together.
we have been together and its been the best days of my life. i love to go to school to see you, and to be with you. saying i love you everyday, giving you hugs everytime we meet and leave. its been the best.

like i say everyday
i love you so much
and im glad we are together.


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