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You still carry my heart

Given up #2

You know you will always have me. You know I will always love you. I have waited for many times. The chemistry between us was unreal... I think about you everyday. I have waited for you to contact me somehow----everyday.

In my life right now... I'm content. I'm happy, I have everything I need. You fill my thoughts at LEAST once a day. But the difference now from the past two years..... The difference is I used to think I would lose out... I will, only because I love you, only because you mean so much----

so much to me, that I know I will always love you.

I often think what I would do if I accidentally ran into you. Main part of me would do nothing but just want to hold you:; touch you. Next part of me would want to tell you what you mean to mre (Overwhelming---- No doubt0. But now that I actually think with my brain and not my heart, I would walk away from you.

You broke my heart. Forever til the day I die. You broke me... Like no other... But from what I've experienced... it's no big deal.......

You will always be considered my gain, (to a point), as my standards are very high. However, even though I know you were meant for me, something in this lifetime is stopping my real dream coming true...

You are my dream.

I don't drop down low, ever. But you have made me beg and you continue with your games. Even though you complete me, you're not enough to make my life complete. I will love you FOREVER. I will continue to think of you.


If you came face to face to me, I'd walk away because I know I deserve someone to love me the way I love them. You stole my heart. But life continues. I would love to see you again, but yet, I don't think you would appreciate the type of person I am. I'm true. To the heart. I'm considered "unusual," as I am told. I am genuine and a good deep down person. The two years I hoped for you to come around, has made me realize, that "things happen for a reason." I love you and always will, but one day I will find the "one." I love you, but I won't beg for you.

Now...You still carry my heart. But...I don't need you and I won't wait for you any longer.

No more play. Good luck in your life. I hope you find someone who "completes you." I think you knew when you meant me, that I was different. I am. One difference from now from the day I met you. I didn't realize that I deserve someone as equal as me. I will always love you, I will continue to wonder about you, but the difference now is.... I don't want you to be a part of my life. I deserve the best. I feel you are the best, but now my brain is leading over my heart. I would be more to you than you are used to. For now on, my life is going to be what I deserve.

Good luck. I love you. I hope you find what you are REALLY LOOKING FOR..............................


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