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Going to get married

i met some one at school 4 years ago, over three years we became good friends but i wanted to be more than his friend but..i was dating some one at the time 1year later me and that guy broke up and gary and i started to get even closer we flirted alot both of us never thought it would work because he was your typical punk dressed in all black and every thing and i was your normal kinda popular girl, finnialy school got out for summer break and we went our seprate ways i spent most of the summer with my best friend we went every where and one night we went bowling and decided to leave earley to get some food we went to wendys and to my surprise there he was we got our food and he gave me his phone number for me to call him at 1 am when he got off work, my friend was really into him as well as me but i never told her so that night she called him at 1am whle i slept the next morning i called him and we talked for hours i found my self going to her house more and more just so i could call him this went on for 3weeks and the i had to go to kentucky with my parents and i called him be4 i left to say bye because at this time i thought there was nothing but friend ship between us and i was going to move to kentucky with my grandparents, when i called he wasnt there so i told his mom to tell him i was leaving when we made it to kentucky my cell phone had no siginal,and something kept telling me to come back home with my parents so i did and 2days after i got back he called me i was excited im like he cares !! then we decided for him to come over to my house on sunday and he came over and we spent the whole day together finnialy he asked me to be his girlfriend and i said yes .well it has been 1year and 4 months since that day and now we are going to get married and our first child on the way so dont think oppsites dont attract they fall in love


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