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This is How I met my Bella!

I work for nuclear plants during the fall, winter and Springs months. Around April I found this amazing girl online who lived within 20 miles or where I lived. So I contacted her and we started writing back and forth for a couple weeks. It was horrible timing though becuase I had to leave for a month or so the 1st of may to work at a plant located 12 hours away. I Asked if she wanted to get together and meet but before I left but I knew it might be a bit too soon. She said that she would love to get together after i got back from work.. So I worked for that month came back and messaged he asking if she would like to get together. But I recieved no reasponse from her. 3 weeks for so went by and I had moved on and not thought of that girl for awhile. At that time I was invited to a birthday party with a bown fire and stuff. So I went it sounded like fun. Soon after I arrived I found out that the girl from the internet was their. I had no idea she was friends with the birthday girl or the host. It was very weird and I had no idea what to say. Meanwhile the girl and her sister were wondering who I was saying they thought I was very hot and stuff! (I found this out Later) Any I went and formally introduced my self and then she realized who i was. We talked for acouple minutes then I went off and played some cards and didn't talk to her again. I figured she had a good reason for not getting back to me 3 to 4 weeks prior. Well 2 days later I got a message from her saying she was sorry and felt about not reasponding to my message. She explained that she had previously been married and divorced about a year prior but while i was away working her ex hubby and her thought they could get back together and work things out. So I said no appology needed I understodd perfectly. So again I moved on for a couple months tried dating someone else but it never felt like she was trying to make the relationship work. She never went out of her way to be with me so I decided to end it and the very same day I decided to end that relationship I got a message from that girl at the party and from the internet. She said that her and her ex hubby was not successful in trying to work things out and was wondering if I was still available. Wow crazy. Well We are now both together and I couldn't ask for a better relatioship. Good things come to those who are patient..


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