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15 years of waiting

14 years ago I met this guy. His name was Travis. He was so sweet to me. At first it felt so forbidden because I was only 14 and he was 23. Right now, that doesn't seem like a big age difference.. but back then it did. I didn't care about the age difference and he didn't either. Our relationship was good from the beginning. The chemistry between us was unbelievable. I loved him so much and I knew that he loved me too. My parents seemed to like him after awhile, cuz he was alwayz at our place.. staying over. After 2 years, we talked about moving in together.. he had his own place then.
Then out of the blue he was gone. No phone call to me. His family said that he had to rush out to go see a sick aunt. I was getting worried after 2 weeks. He hadn't called. After 2 weeks, I was at the grocery store, and I seen him. I was smiling at him, walking towards him. He looked so sad.. so hopeless. But as I turned the corner, I noticed he was walking with a woman.. holding her hand. I just stood there, not knowing what to think, not knowing what to do. So I ran out of the store.
He got married 2 & a half months after that. I was crushed, heartbroken. So I just left it, tried to forget about him. But it was very hard to do. People kept telling me about him and his wife. This one time they said that his wife was trying to come after me with an axe. so eventually I moved to a different town. 5 years passed, and he showed up at my doorstep. Said he wanted to talk. My heart jumped at the sight of him. Although I thought I moved on,I never forgot him. I told him that I couldn't talk at the moment, so we met up in a coffee shop an hour later. So there we were sitting in the coffee shop, I asked him why he wanted to talk. All he said was that he was sorry for ever hurting me. I told him it was a long time ago and that I'd forgotten about it. But that was far from the truth. My heart still had that empty void where he used to be. I asked him why he did that. Said that he couldn't tell me but that he was sorry. I felt I couldn't take anymore. So I told him that I couldn't do this and I walked out the door. He followed me out, stopped me and said that he would explain. So we walked and talked. Said that his family went to go put him on the plane... said something about his sick aunt. And that it was arranged. His marriage was arranged. His family thought that I wasn't good enough for him.
He told me that he never loved his wife and that his marriage only lasted a year. And it was true that his wife wanted to kill me with an axe because he said my name in his sleep. His wife finally let him go because she finally realized that he would alwayz love me and not her. This was so much information to get all in one night. But he hurt me once already... and my heart was guarded toward him. And I had moved on. I was currently in a relationship where I was happy. And I told him that it took me a long time to heal my heart.. and that i was finally in a place where I was happy. Said that he understood. Then he started to walk me home. At my doorstep, he grabbed my hands and asked me to think about what he was asking me. To be with him again. I started to let go and turn toward the door. He grabbed me and put his arms around me and kissed me. For the love of God, I couldn't stop myself. And I knew I was kissing him with the same urgency as he was showing me. Until somewhere in the distant, I heard a door slam. I finally pulled away... said that I was sorry. but I just couldn't do this. I told him, if this is meant to be, then we'll meet again somewhere down the road. Then I walked into my house.. my heart broken all over again.
I tried to forget about him.. but no luck.. even when I met my husband, Travis was alwayz in my heart. I just couldn't forget about him. Well my marriage was doomed from the start I think. My husband and I were never close. So we had an agreement.. we'd stay together for the kids.. but we lead totally seperate lives.
About a year ago, I was walking down the street with my daughter. I noticed this face in a car that was driving by. A face so familiar. I stood there.. looking at the car. My heart jumped when it stopped. There he was.. getting out of the car.. walking towards me. It's like time stood still.. and there was no one there but us. He walked up to me and just hugged me. I hugged him back so hard.. like I never wanted to let go.
Since then, we had 15 years to make up for. My husband and I ended on good terms. So I got the love of my life back after 15 years. And our love isn't so forbidden anymore. What can I say.. my life is good.


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