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So dreamy

He was the one, the one id been looking for, i was 12 at the time. he was so gorgeous and kind, and i got to know him and he was kinda a twat, but i didnt care i loved him so much with all my heart, the horrible thing is i knew he didnt love me back, he told me he did. To other people he said he loved other girls which made me cry, i have just been crying over him, so i decided to write this to make me feel better.

When i saw him he swept me off my feet, his eyes, his smile everything was just so dreamy. When he asked me out i was in a dream, he dumped me the next day turns out hes like it to everyone. I CRIED AND CRIED i was so upset. He would ask me out again and again, and i thought he meant it, so i stupidly said yes, i dont know why i guess i just loved him so much.

I'd known him for about 9 months now, and he text me saying im sorry i played you before and i text him back accepting his apolagy. At this point i thought he meant it he was the one i wanted who i would spend my life with.

I have now known him for about a year, and he loves this other girl. Today we fell out because i told him about someone i met and he blocked me on msn because of it, he went on for hours saying he didnt care about me i was so upset.

He then said sorry, and im now on webcam to him, hes still dreamy, lets see what happens, ill be writing another one soon. thankyou for taking the time to read this, i really appreiceatte it. I hope you understand how i feel.




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