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It is better to have loved and lost

I must say this story doesn't end the way I want but i was in love and it is my story. I was 18 and in my senior year of high school. I had a graphic arts class each morning so i was constantly on the internet. Myspace was huge in my life so, one day I got a friend request from this guy. He had graduated like 2 years from my high school and was currently serving in the U.S. Marine Corp. I knew who he was but i had never talked to him ever. He started talking to me and was saying all these sweet things to me about how I grew up into a beautiful young lady. I was in awe of his sweet comments on my photos and our long conversations we would have online. He was amazing. All my friends knew him kind of and said he was kind of strange and that i shouldn't get involved with a trouble maker like that. I had another ideas of him, he was my everything. We talked for about a month online and we decided we would meet when he came home on leave. I was hesitant at first because of what my friends were saying to me, but i went against them and met him. At first i didn't really like him he seemed strange, but really nice i think he was just real nervous. We then decided we would go on a second date a double date with a mutual friend and his girlfriend. We ate pizza and watched a movie. I will never forget the first time he reached over to hold my hand that first night. He took me home and we decided we would go to a movie that weekend. It was awesome we had a great time together it was so great how we clicked with one another. He was so sweet and funny, and cute i fell head over heals that night. We started talking on the phone and hanging out over my spring break. He start4ed sending me flowers randomly like for Easter and two other times before he left. We started really connecting and he met my family and they fell in love with him like i did. It was ll going perfectly. Everything he kissed me i would melt in his arms. As he slowly kissed my neck i couldn't help but to think this boy is the one. Then the last day he was home came around. I remember it exactly. I woke up and he took me to meet up with some of his family on his moms side at the china buffet. I met his mom and family members and we ate with them. Though he was talking with them and chatting he never once let go of my hand under the table. As we left we headed to my brothers soccer game and sat in the bleachers for an hour or so just enjoying our company. We then left to go to Panera Bread for dinner and develop pics of us for him to have on the plane back to japan. I was good the whole day but i started getting said on the way back to my house. He looked over at me and said will you be my girlfriend and i said YES! We went down to the beach and saw the most beautiful sunset you ever seen. It was a perfect day, but it was now over and i was going to have to say good bye to my new boyfriend. We went back to my house to say good bye to my parents before i took him home. He hugged them good bye and i was fine but as soon as i saw my mom start crying i lost it and ran out the door. When he was done saying good bye he came out to me crying and embraced me for a while. We got i the car and headed to his house. AS we sat in the driveway he said things to me to comfort me and make me love him even more. It was time for me to drive away he put his hand to my window as i did as well. Then i watched my boy walk up the drive way and that was the last time i have seen him. He wrote me everyday and we would talk on the phone, but slowly things got less and less frequent. And soon i didn't hear for a while. I didn't care though i would wait for him no matter what. And then he ended it with me, i didn't know why he said he was too busy and dealing with a lot of stuff. I being naive believed him. Not knowing that he had been cheating on me with another girl online, talking on a webcam, and her sending him nude pictures. Yeah i was pissed! So now after he blocked me from myspace and deleted his face book i have not talked with him in over 5 weeks or so. I am moving on, but i will never forget that love connection we had and how i felt so strongly for that boy, my boy:)

It is better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all!!!!


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