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Love comes with intentions

"let's just be friend" he said, his voice so sweet yet so cruel on the telephone,bitter tears flow down my cheeks,i loved him with all the love a fourteen year old could have given, he was the only one i have ever loved but now he was trowing my love away, i just couldn't understand,why?i had dreamt that we had broken up but i didn't want it to come to pass so i kept silent.little did i know it did,i cried for days,felt like my world was now a dream a horrible dream that was tearing me days were now lonely and with the tears rushing from my eyes i reminisce on the good times we had together,like our first kiss oh it was so special,and the fair he took me too,what else was i to do but fall for him i was yet a young child now experiencing the world of love. my friends told me to have faith he'll come back,my dreams brought us back together but that was only in my dreams,now years have passed and i still don't know why did he let me go.



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