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So phenomenal

It was August 22nd, a day that started like any other but ended magical. A family friend had died and my friends and i were at the nine night. It was there i saw this very hot guy that standed out above all the others. Am not very talkative but had to adjust myself a bit as he built a conversation. We played a game of dominoes and he said if i won then i could do whatever i wanted but if he won then we would be friends. Ofcourse he won and the magic had began. The next day i saw him on the road and we talked for a while. He told me he liked me and we exchanged numbers. We started talkin on the phone often and he would come to my house everynight. He literally lit up my life and before i knew it we had a deep connection with unbelievable chemistry. He was my boyfriend as well as my bestfriend we talked about everything and the most important, he made me happy i was always smiling around him. He had a daughter and asked if i was ok with it i answered if i could accept him why wouldn't i accept his daughter. He told me his babymother and him were separated and i believed him. Iwas fourteen and did not know how dishonest men were. He was eight years older than me but we conversed well as my maturity has always been high. We were happily together for a year when i found out he was lying. I was in my bed one night when my cousin told me his babymother was outside. She told me they were still together and that he flirts with every girl he sees. My heart fell but i told myself this would not get me down. Not knowing that we were together my mother told me that i should not continue that friendship as it was improper for ladies to be coming to a fifteen year old about their man lol. I told myself it was over between me and him and that it shouldn't be a bother as i wasn't in love with him but with his company. months passed and i missed him as hell.i started another relationship and i guess he continued his but that empty space was still there. I realised i needed him he was a major part of my life and he needed me too as would call me and tell me he was in love with me so we became friends. If i had a problem he was there like an angel giving me hope even if that problem was about him no one else could make me feel better but him. So on dec.1 2006 we were talking and our conversation was the so phenomenal and i became so emotional and could no longer deny my feelings, our love blossomed and i knew it was real. He took my virginity dec.2 and we av been together sharing something so real its unbelievable. At times it gets really confusing and i doubt his love when his interest decreases but then he reassures me that true love never dies. We both have major abstacles in our life but thats when i know how much he loves me when we overcome and i am saturated with love. At times i wonder if i'm infatuated or if this is just an illusion and i ask God to point me in the right way and though the road to complete happiness is quite complicated the road leads to him. When person ask me why him, i really dont know what to say because its unexplainable and no one will ever understand our love untill they're blessed with something as beautiful as this and if you believe, it will happen to you. I love my baby K.A.B. and this love will forever live on in the next life after this and the other because like death our love is inevitable.


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