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Sweet, smart and cute

I met this guy at a friend's party, he was really sweet, smart, and cute. He was 19 and I just turned 17. I could tell that i was falling for him. We spent the whole night laughing, flirting, and making jokes. We did not leave each other's side for the whole night, I guess we were too busy enjoying each other's company. Although I felt like my feelings for him was so right, I couldn't help but feel so much guilt...see the problem was that I had a boyfriend. We exchanged phone numbers at the end of the night, promising to call the next day. After months of calling each other and hanging out together, I could feel so much passion and chemistry, I knew he was the one. I broke up with my boyfriend in hopes that he will ask me out...but he didn't. A few weeks went by since i told him that me and my boyfriend had split. I started to worry that he did not share the same feelings as i did. I thought he would have asked me out by now. Another few weeks went by and the anticipation just grew. After awhile I could wait any longer. Since I had the whole house to myself for the weekend, I called him and asked him to meet me, he said ok. When he arrived I suddenly got really nervous and I started to panic. He saw my facial expression and asked me if I was alright. I decided that I had to tell him or he might never make his move. I blurted out "I love you. I have had all these feelings for you for a long time and i didn't know how to tell you." He sat there quiet, staring at the ground for a long time. I didn't know what to say. I asked if he was alright...he looked up at me and reached out for my hand and started walking towards my bedroom with me following behind him. That night he took my virginity and it was the best thing i have ever experienced. Now 8 years later, I am his wife and we are celebrating our 2nd anniversary and I'm pregnant with our first child (a baby boy). I got to admit that we don't love each other the same as when we first met...we love each other more.


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