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Maybe get married

I've lived in a duplex for 7 yrs with my 2 kids and there dad. A single guy lives upstairs. We never really talked much before, until this summer. He and Eric, my kids dad,would hang out more this past summer. I would go out with them, just for a little while.

We started talking more and more, and Eric didn't like the way we talked,we just hit it off.. and soon after, we started meeting like every night.

Eric and I fought a lot, and he was mentally abusive, and physically also. I never considered him my boyfriend, since we never got along, and I even told him that. He drank a lot and wouldn't work.

One night we got a phone call in the middle of the night, and Eic's brother, had killed himself. So Eric starts freaking out (he was drunk) and drove over there.

Of course, I couldn't sleep that night, so I went outside, and there was Jeff, my good friend.. I told him what happened, and he was very nice to me, and we talked out on the front porch until, 6 in the morning, so we talked for 5 hrs..

I was so happy with him, but yet I was sad also because of Eric's brother. He made me feel so alive, and good about myself, can talk to him about anything. Everynight we'd hang out, and i'd go upstairs, while Eric would be down watching the kids.

Finally Eric had enough, and wanted it to stop. So he had a long talk with Jeff, and basicly told Jeff to back off, and threatened him, and leave me alone. I found out this and was really sad. I thought I would never get to be with him anymore. Until, the next night, Eric and I got into a huge fight, and I told him to move out, because I wasn't about to have him make me lose a great guy. I told him if he didn't leave that i'd call the cops for threatning Jeff. And he got freaked out, and left.

2 months later, Jeff and I are boyfriend and girlfriend, and are very happy together. We are taking it slow for now, but we have so much fun, I can talk to him about anything, and we just get along so great.. He said it's like were meant 2 be together!! I couldn't belive my ears, I hope are relationship grows, and some day mabye get married!!


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