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Big misunderstanding

so am the type of girl who falls for a guy easily ..but i met this guy named andy he was from alabama an we hung out for a month as friends i really really liked him but one night i get a call from a friend sayin all this time he had a girlfriend. so i really fell for him an i was so angry with him i never talked to him i ignored his calles never replied to his messages.. an the only bad thing was we shared the same group of friends, an on halloween night (my a whole bunch of us went to the haunted house. the whole night he was looking at me as if he wanted to say something but i never got to close to him or looked his way i was acctually kind of mad that he had the balls to show up after that. at the end of the night we drove up in three cars an they were all packed except his car so apperently if i wanted to get home i would have ride w/ him so we were driving for about 20 minutes an he asked why dont u love me anymore an with how i felt an me being a big baby i busted out crying an yelling y would u do that u knew how much i liked you but u had a girlfriend the whole time an he just looked at me an laughed, he asked me who said it an i told him the girls name .. an the whole the truth was the girl was jelous of me because he was madly in love with me. an instead of going home we went to the beach an that was the night i lost my virginity he was an still is the best thing that has happened to me. the best birthday ever my sweetest 17 an now he's my fiance me 20 him 22


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