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Intternet relationship which worked too well my story is kind of complicated..i met M online..almost 4 years ago. i went into this chatroom, and his SN caught my i decided to msg him...we hit it off right away..i was only 14 at the time, and he was 19...the age diff never bothered us though. we got along sooo great. we talked for like 2 hours that first was great. we exchanged email addresses and we soon started talking on IM.the days, months, and years have just gone by...its been soo great. i knew right away that he was a very special person..i became so attached to him..and then he told me he was engaged. my heart broke..i got very depressed...but then i realized that i would rather have him as a friend than not have him at all. so we continued to talk...he then got married. we didnt talk for a couple of months after that..and i missed him terribly...then one day i noticed he was online..and we started talking again. we havent stopped talking since. i am now in college..and we're still talking. despite the fact that he's married now..i love him soo much..and just recently he told me the same thing. he confessed to me that he is in love with me..and that he wants to be with me..that he's never felt this way before..about anyone. when he told me all that i cried...i felt terrible because he's married..and its not fair to his wife..i felt guilty too..not because he fell in love with me..but because i fell in love with him knowing he was was bittersweet..because i love him too, very very much..but nothing can come out of our feelings..he's married and lives in another state.. regardless...i cant let go of him. we talk everynight..for hours and hours..and it still sucks when we have to say bye..i dont know where this is going..but i know i cant let go of will be our 4 year anniversity next month...i am looking forward to 4 years more with him..hopefully we will be able to celebrate in person...face to face and not through a computer screen...but either way, i love it..and i love him.


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