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Never let go

I have a real love story. I met this guy in college about 15 years ago. He saw me walking down the hall and followed to my car so he could talk to me. We hit it off right away. Our whole relationship was bliss. We were VERY young, 19 and 21. We lived together for 1 year and hardly ever fought. We were so into each other that the rest of the world just seemed to fade away. We spent endless nights on a swing at our apartment looking up at the stars and talking for hours. That was the time I remembered the most. Then one day another guy we worked with told him that he was too young to be tied down to one woman and talked him into moving away to another college, in another town, without me! I was crushed! I didn't even date anyone for 2 years after that. I never found what we had with any other man. Time went on and I moved on with my life and figured he moved on with his, but I always wondered what happened to him. 15 years pass by and I've been married for 11 years and I found him through an internet connection. Well, turned out he was married too. We started talking and sparks starting flying all over again. It's like those feelings never changed after 15 years. I've had to quit talking with him, because we both want to see each other again, but know that there is still a fire there that can't be put out. It's painful to be in love with someone else when your trying to make a life with someone different. He made his choice years ago, but now that he's grown up he realizes it was a bad choice. Now both of us will never have what we had with each other. We both carry on trying to do the right thing, but our hearts will always belong to each other. Some days I feel like crying, others I find strength to carry on. Thanks for listening to my story and hope it inspires somebody somehow to never let go of the one you love, because you may never find that kind of love again!


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