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Lost love

I never appreciated love; I always believed that is something really scary that makes you get crazy. I never wanted to fall in love, I was always playing with boys in high school, make them want me and then break up with them. This was my way of thinking until I met him, the only guy who tricked me.

This is how the story goes….

I went at a club with my friends, we were dancing all together but they were all really drunk and I was really bored, so I decided to go for a walk around the club and there I saw him. A gorgeous tall guy with black hair and blue eyes, I fell in love with him from the first minute. I was always confident with guys so I went to dance next to him, without really noticed it I just stood there and staring at him. Suddenly he sees me and comes close to me, we started chatting and we kissed.

This was the start of an amazing relationship, I was still quite immature, scared to get too involved and cheating. I cared about him but I couldn’t stop my bad habits. So since I couldn’t stop I asked him to break up, with not an excuse. It took me about a year to realise how but I wanted him but it was too late.

Now my way of thinking changed, I appreciated every minute that someone gives me, I care about people around me more and I am trying not to complicate my life and my relationships. I just need more time to think and then I will go and ask him to get back with me, when I am definitely going to be ready. I hope that he will wait for me.


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