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Got divorced and started using online personals and chat rooms to meet people

Since I worked a lot and was never into the bar scene, meeting on the 'net made sense. Met lets of girls online and went out with 5 of them. None of the dates were disastrous, but none turned into anything.

I found a cool tool online at that let me organize and store my dating history. I used it to keep track of who I was meeting, talking to and going on dates with. It can get confusing fast when you are emailing a few people who responded to your personal ads, texting in multiple chat rooms and IM'ing with others - all at the same time! Never mind that everyone is using nicknames.

Don't give up! After 3 years of what seemed like endless chatting, setting up online personal ads and the occasional go nowhere date, I met a wonderful girl. And get this, she lived 3 blocks from my apartment! We wanted so many of the same things from life. Using the Internet to search for a match allowed us to learn a lot about each other before we even sent our first messages.

I used a few online single sites... not sure which ones are still online, but I got responses from most of them. Met my wife on which is now

I can imagine all of the false starts (or worse) that I could have experienced if I had tried my luck at plucking a stranger out of some bar or similar scene. Using an online dating site on the web let us learn that we were both in our 30s and divorced, neither of us had children and wanted some, non smokers, light drinkers, home bodies, etc.

We married after dating a little over a year, and had a beautiful boy the following year. Hard to believe just a few short years ago I was working every night until it was time for bed, wondering how I was going to start over on building some kind of life. Things are so good. Internet dating made it possible.


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