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ok well my story starts when i was in 4th grade...there was this boy that i liked a whole lot and we were and still are best friends!well anyways i remember that we were always togethe and i was the only girl he invited to his birthday party!But unfortunatly we never told eachother how we felt.
as we got older and into middle school we sort o spread apart because we had no classes together...but when we went to 7th grade it was like we drawn together again! i slowly found myself falling for him and secretly hoping that he felt the same.but then it happend he wrote me a note in class tellin me how he felt,and how he has had fellings for me sense the 4th grade!!!i had never been so happy in my hole life!
as we started dating i remember sneeking off with him after school with him to his house,and sense we walked to his house we woul hol hands the whole way.
sense it was winter i remember being cool and him just wrapping his arms around lovingly.we were always joking with eachother and just well i cant really explain it i just felt so whole with him like every thing was right in the world.
but as time passed he had to move away to elpaso i was so heart broken i cried so much, and i had never cried ove any of my other boyfriends that i ever had in the past.bu he was different it was as though i was losing apart of me...
well there wast this gil who was and still is crazy about him, but he hates her...and she decided to star all of these rumers so that me and him would hate eachother...for a while i think it worked, but i found my self trying to hate him and forget about him but i couldent,and it was ast that moment that i realized i was in love with him!!!
well we are in the 8th grade now and for some reason we are drawn together again loike as ift were fate for us to be together!!!....but who knows whats in store for us?........


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