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My love story is something that I know many women experience throughout the country, all the time, but it's definitely not something that i thought would happen to me. I think a lot of girls grow up imagining how their perfect man would come into their life - a lot of times it's a high school sweethearts kind of thing... or a knight in shining armor fairy tale.
Mine turned out to be kind of a mix of both :)
We met in highschool. I was 15 and he was 16. We dated for about a month, maybe two... neither of us can remember the length. Both of us were way too immature for a relationship. I don't even know if it can really be considered a relationship, although I called him my boyfriend and he called me his girlfriend. I don't really remember much about our little "relationship", although I do remember that he was incredibly sweet, and had these huge blue eyes, and always made me laugh.
He was older than me, and graduated from high school before i did. Honestly, I kind of forgot about him!
About halfway through college, I got an e-mail, from him - saying that he'd come across my page (myspace)on a mutual friend's page and wanted to say hi.

we messaged back and forth a few times, and then he asked for my phone number and we talked that night for a couple of HOURS. He's now a US Marine and stationed in a state far far away from mine. We talked for a few months until he come home on his pre-deployment leave, and we spent every day together. We just completely clicked. immediately with the first conversation, first touch, first kiss (well, second first kiss if you count high school), there were feelings there that are completely indescribable.
We talked EVERY single day in some shape or form the entire time he was in Iraq. I sent him letters and care packages, he sent me letters and flowers and stuffed animals from online sites. even from a bajillion miles away, i felt more love than i've ever felt before.

Now he's home, with me. Done with his time in the military and currently on the fire department. I feel like the love we have is the kind i read about in poems and stories, wondering throughout my teens and early twenties if I would ever be lucky enough to find. And i did :)


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