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Patrick Swayze look-alike

One day I saw you and didn't think much of you and I never said one word to you but I made my friend go up to you and ask for your number you said you were in a relationship,and then the next day you were pointing at me like if you notice me and you were always the last one on the bus in the line even when you were in front of it?I really wish that I would of went up to you myslef, in my head I think what if I went up to you would it of been differnt?Still to this day Im searching for you all I got was your first name....I made sure that you notice me by whering my shirt the same way I did the day before...My mom's friend took forever the second day and we got there when it was time to leave and everyone got on there buses.I remember asking my mom if I could go see what the name of your bus was they didnt have it up but when my mom called me back they put the name up of where you were going.I saw a glimps of the name all I got was San,and the name next to it was Antonio but thats Texas and I wasnt sure?When I was on the bus I started to cry,the whole time I was on the bus ride home I was thinking of you and for some reason I felt that you were thinking of me too....But right when I got off the bus I felt that you forgot about me?When I got home I was crying and told my friend Samantha about what happen shetold me that she doesnt think its stupid at all.And I was sreaching for you for hours....But the weird thing is your face keep fading in and out...And the only way I can remember is if I look at Patrick swayze the only reason why Is because to me you looked like him but you are If you ever get this I hope you know this is you!
When you feel like someone is not cute you see past that and you fall in love and dont know why????
And then you wonder if you would see that someone again?


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