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We started as friends, we have argued a lot. I was linking him to my classmate who has a crush on him... He is a kind of person that at the first sight, you'll think he is a perfect guy. He is a cute guy, has a very good sense of humor, intelligent (top 1), kind, funny, athletic, outgoing, but somehow insensitive. We became friends at our first meeting because of common interest. We both love the band Goo Goo Dolls & also the secondhand serenade. Actually, this is a somehow tragic & sad love story... We text a lot until one day, we argue because of misunderstanding... That time I thought that he was a total idiot but then I realized that it was really my fault being too sensitive. I talked to another friend & she said that it's not purely my fault because he is totally insensitive. In my own opinion, it's our fault... I knew that he was insensitive... I should have anticipated everything he did for I know that he's insensitive. He knew I was sensitive, he should have been careful to everything he do since I am sensitive...

I didn't realized that I was looking at him every time, after our fight... I didn't realized that I was having a CRUSH ON HIM... I hate myself for having a crush on him at a wrong timing... One day, I heard that he also have a crush on my classmate (ouch...)... I didn't mind... I wasn't really hurt... I think my feelings for him wasn't really deep... I think I still can control this.. I also got him looking at me... Everytime I look in a place without thinking of what I'll see in there, in a place I will never expect to see him, I ALWAYS SEE HIM... One thing also is that HE'S LOOKING AT ME... Everytime I'm near to him, I'll do my best to be distant, atleast 1 meter. One time his classmate even confronted me why I was trying to be distant to him... I said, "just don't mind us..."

I promised myself to forget him, forget his name, forget our past friendship & forget everything about him......
I also promised myself to treat him as a Stranger.........
But then until now I still can't forget him although, the feeling is getting lesser.................. Like a fool, I'm still wishing that one day we'll be friends again, atleast.......... But if he & my classmate will be together, I would choose to be a stranger instead of being a friend because I'll just get hurt... But if he'll like me, it'll be the best thing ever happened on my life. But I don't want to be in a relationship, even with him until I reach 18. By the way, I'm just 13, never had a crush except from him. In short, he's my FIRST CRUSH & FIRST LOVE... I WOULD LIKE TO DEDICATE HIM THE SONG STRANGER BY SECONDHAND SERENADE.......


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