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Real love?

We (girls) are experincing a lot of painful situations about love. Sometimes I consider myself a fool to love a guy even when he hurts me a lot.

In August 2007, I met this charming and handsome guy, I fell in love with him the first time I laid my eyes on him. We started dating and Everything was going well between us until one day, He came to visit me at my place and he starting sharing with me his past life, which was really not so impressive.

I did not take everything he said very seriously because i believed they belonged to the past. But I was suprised the next morning when he sent me an SMS, that he wants to change because he is not enjoying the life that he is living anymore.I started wondering if what he was telling me the previous night was still hapenning. The next day I met him and he told me that EVERYTHING HE SAID TO ME WAS REALLY NOT THE PAST, BUT THE PRESENT. I almost fainted when he said to me he never loved me, but the only thing he wanted from me was sex. He asked me to decide whether I still wanted to stay with him or not. But How could i choose to stay with someone who doesn't love me. I left him.

After 6 months he came back to me and explained how the past 6 months has been terrible to him without me in his life. He said he realised late that he actually had feelings for me, that he really loved me. I accepted his apology because I loved him,now we are happy together after months of pain. Sometimes I wonder if I really love him or I'm just being dragged by everything he does for me.


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