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First love... and last

I can still remember the first time I fall in love with a girl that I hardly knowÖ

I was still in grade six, and it was a summer vacationÖ

the first time I saw her was in the mall, I bumped her up but I didnít say sorry to her instead I got mad at her for being careless and she just stare at me, I was so ashamed for being rude to her but it was who am I and what I am.. I really canít forget her face, the way she stares at me...

After that incident I though I wonít see her anymore but I was wrong.

two weeks later, my friend Margi went to our house and shared us she experienced when she saw her txtmate and the cousin of her txtmate 3 days ago, I didnít listen to her as always, cozí I donít want to listen those boring silly and stupid stories so I went to my room and played in my computer then one of our friends knocked and told me that Margiís friend (her txtmateís cousin who became her friend) just arrived, I just didnít mind them and continued to play in my computer then Kevin my closest friend told me that it was the girl I bumped two weeks ago, so I hurriedly went down to see if it was true and found out her name Abe.

She was so shocked when she saw me; I guess she wasnít expecting to see me again after my rudeness. Margi introduced her to me and vice versa,

I canít believe I saw her again after what happen but I still didnít apologize to her my rudeness. I was just listening to them and I was really interested to know her better I donít know why but after that incident I can get her out of my head, I always dreamed of her and every time a saw a girl as height as her I though I was her but not..

And now sheís here in my house... near but Far.! I wanted to talked to her but I canít cozí I know she was still mad at me. I just listen to them as they shared us what they did (etcetera etcetera blah blah) I didnít listened to them; I was mesmerized by Abeís beauty until she went home. I hoped that night I can see her again.

The next morning, Margi texted me that theyíll going shopping with Abe, so I quickly ready myself. I went to the mall she txted me...

My friends are nagging at me, they noticed the changes of me the past few days but I didnít mind them... While walking in the mall I was staring at Abe, I noticed her simplicity the way she dressed and walked.

after few weeks being with her, I was so happy and soon to be sad because sheíll be going home. to there placeÖ

one day, Margi tolded us Abe is leaving tomorrow and wanted each one of us to write a letter. I donít know what to write cozí that was my first time to write a letter but Margi told us just express what we want to say to her..

so I wrote it down everything I wanted to say to her.. I even told her she if sheíll be having a boyfriend she should told usÖ

we didnít saw her the day she went home because she donít want us to be ďpesteringĒ her .

after few months I texeted her and I was so happy because she already forgave me and we became friendsÖ

then every summer vacation she went in our place and one time I was in my room and I heard two girls was talking outside, I didnít know who are those and I as so curious why are they o serious talking so I listen to their chitchat and heard from Abeís mouth that she likes me but, I was so happy because she also likes me but as I was continuously listen to their chitchat I also heard her saying sheís afraid of me because of my attitude.
so I changed my attitude and starts to court her but I really donít know how to court a girl so I just told her that I like her and Iíll be jealous if I saw her happy with other guys chatting and mad if I saw her with other guys..

I thought that will be a happy ending but one day, as we entered my house I saw my parents in the living room waiting for me.. when they saw Abe my mom stood up and faced her.. my mom told some bad words towards her and she even includes Abeís parent.. I really donít know what to do so I grab her hands and ran away. I said sorry to her and she still didnít stop crying. I just hugged her tight and that time I really donít want to loose her.. that was the fist time I felt being love because ever since my parents didnít show their loved to me. they never love me.. so that time I rather choose Abe than y parents.. I went t her titaís house and e talked to a while and went home..

my parents was so mad at me when they heard I have a girlfriend and told me I should stop seeing Abe I defend her to my parents and told them I loved her.. But my parents threatened me that if I continued my relationship with Abe they will hold my account and I canít go to school but I never listened to them..

on my 18th birthday and the most memorable day ever.. I had my birthday celebration with Abe and it was the first time I kissed her on her lips.. the next day I never saw her again.. me and my parents when to China

and until now I was waiting for her.. hoping the same thing with herÖ
I loved her so much and Iím willing to die for herÖ she was my first love and will be my lastÖ

my sad story


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