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Will get him back!

Ok so im not some 40year old woman who as just lost their husband or long term boyfriend or anything. Im 17years old, and please dont patronise me with the whole just a kid stuff or anything like that. This is my life and my story...

His name was Tom. We met randomly at the sports centre one night while we training (martial arts). He had that cheeky smile and such a twinkle in his eyes. I was unable to consentrate all night. He was so captivating. Everything he did, all his techniques, his passion for the art. He swept me off my feet. Going out his way to make sure we were paried for activities and he was even told off during own study for trying to talk to me. It was love at first sight.

That night after training we exchanged numbers and went for a walk before going home. We kissed that night under the stars and thats when i knew i loved him. I had never felt anything like that before. The way he spoke made my legs feel weak. From that day we were a couple, an item together that made one. He was the missing piece to me and I for him. He was the opposite of everything i was but yet in a werid way he was the same.

We were together just over a year and shared many, many memories. I was their for him through his parents divorce and he was their for me when i lost close family members. We were their for each other for everything. He wasn't just my boyfriend, he was also my bestfriend. I thought nothing could come between us...

Then one sunday night i recieved a text from him saying how he couldnt explain but he didnt feel it was right anymore. He spoke of how he felt his feelings may of change, and not that he didnt love me anymore but how he wasn't in love with me anymore. We broke up and it tore me apart.

Its been two years since we broke up and currently we are still in touch. We have tried not speaking or seeing each other. Basically trying to cut each other out of our lives. I have let go many times, but theres always something missing.

Ive been in relationships since and I am happy dont get me wrong. But Im never happy enough in them. I can never commit fully while my heart in somewhere else. You may think i sound pitty or sad but when we broke up i lost apart of myself. A part thats always stll with him. He still thinks about me, he tells me that. Its the little things that remind him of me, like music that was playing while we were together, or random films. Things like that. Ive thought about him everyday. When he texts me my heart skips a beat. i get butterflies still when i think about him, and i often cry in the shower cause i know that theres a chance that i can never be back with him.

Hes still says that he loves me and i will always love him.

I know theres no one else out there for me, and someday, somehow i will get him back!


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