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Worth another try

Well about a year ago I met this one guy through my friend. That day we hung out at his house and he kept looking at me and smiling and basically flirting with me. Each day that I went to my friend's house, he was there and I kept falling for him harder and harder each time I saw him. Pretty soon halloween came and before I went to my friend's party, I talked him out of going to valleyscare and instead going to her party. That night was good in some ways, but bad in other ways. He found out that I liked him as more than a friend (cause one of my other friends told him) and people kept telling him to ask me out, but it didn't happen that night. The rest of that night I spent sitting away from everyone, and avoiding his looks (I'm shy). Then not long after that he went out with one of my friends and that crushed me. But then I decided to support his decision. After a while they broke up...and not to long after that he started to go out with someone else I know. Well their relationship turned into something that wasn't based on love. It was based on one thing. Sex. Even though he was going out with her and doing stuff like that, I still loved him. We have been through a lot cause of that one relationship. Ok. skipping forward a few months till now. Because of the stuff I mentioned in here and stuff that I didn't mention, we both love each other a lot. We talk everyday. And I know that he cares about me a lot because one night he and I were talking and he asked me if I wanted to come over and I said sure. Then he said a few minutes later that he didn't think that it was a good idea for me to come over now. I asked him why and he said because he was really horney and that it wasn't wise for me to come over. i think that it shows that he cares, because if he was the type of person that used people for sex or something else, he wouldn't of said that I shouldn't come over. Even through all the problems and arguments we have had, we still love each other and are good friends. We did go out once, but it didn't work cause we didn't get to see each other much (probaly only like once or twice a week). I hope that we will go out again sometime, I think that it's worth another try. ^_^


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