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We met each other in 9th grade. We kissed, we talked and lost contact. I saw her again at Uni and she was still as stunning as before. We started dating and for 2 months it was good but intense. We broke up. After a year I had a big gig with a bunch of bands. I called all my friends. The only person that arrived was her even though we didnt talk to each other.
We became friends for a while, and started getting closer by the day, we started dating again and shortly after we got pregnant.
Pregnancy was hard, she was very confused, we were 21. When my beautiful daughter was born, we moved in together at the age of 21-22.
We had our rough times, its hard to handle a home, our young lifes, raising a child and working our butts off to pay the bills. We faught a lot and I became distant to her, we lost our friendship.
She found a guy at work, and I caught them texting to each other and planing to be together. Betrayal tore us apart, but she asked me for a second chance, and I gave her another shot. She changed, became a better mom, better lover, better mate, but I was never the same. I couldnt get over her cheating, I was cold and bitter for a long time. I found new friends and unintentionally made her felt replaced. After a year she cheated on me with a friend of hers, i found out and put an end to it.
THen for the next 4 months it was a war between us, I missed my daughter and felt like I didnt know who my ex was, she became a monster to me. 3 Weeks ago I found out she was dating and we talked for the first time since we broke up without fighting.
We had a PTA meeting and we talked and laughed for a long time, we had linch and a wonderful day and we were both shocked at how we missed this and surprised to the hope that we could be friends again like before.
Since that day we have gone out to eat, talk on the phone and msn and being really supportive of one another. We have shared some feelings that still linger but stated that we both pursue a friendship above all.. however also consider the possibility that the future is bound to surprise us maybe.
So now I feel like I can have my best friend back, and my daughter can have her 2 parents loving each others as true friends, this is the most healthy we have been as a family, ever... and she is even dating, I never thought this could happen this way. Future truly is uncertain.
If we end up together we have a strong foundation of true and honest friendship, and if we dont, I'll be able to say when I grow old, that this was the best choice I have ever done, and either way, we are teaching my daughter what true love is.


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