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My Love I am away from you, You know how people say you never find love at first sight? Now I believe you do, cause when he first saw me one of his guy friends want to date me and he told him dont talk to me I was to be his and when I laid eyes on him the next day I felt the same about him. I lived in Ohio and he in PA. We exchanged numbers when it was time for me to go back home and from that day on we talked all the time day and night. One secret that we didnt keep from each other is that he had a girlfriend and me a fiance. I know it was wrong of me to even think about another guy but for some reason he was different. Finally after a while of seeing each other we both had to go away to college and that was the hardest thing ever. I had left my fiance alone and he had left his girlfriend alone and things between us became a little more serious. We still talked all the time and every once and a while we seen each other. But all that distance tore us apart from each other. Maybe this isnt a fairytale with a happy ending or is it? Stay tuned....


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