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No longer stranger?

No longer Stranger???
I submit the story stranger...
We're friends right now...
I don't know if he still like my friend because of one thing...
Yesterday (Oct 29, 2008)
I & my friends we're chatting in our school stage w/c is just few meters from their classroom...
One of my friend heard someone singing...
It was him & his other friends they we're punished.
After they sang, we continued our chatting session (with my friends)...
One of my friend looked at their room & saw him looking AT ME while smiling.... She also saw, i mean not just her but my 3 other friends saw that he moving his hands in a way like he wants me to go to him & I guess they weren't lying coz when I looked to their classroom door, he immediately closed it...
I wonder what it means... ( ;


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