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Can't tell her of my love

i love her but i cant get her
one day i was with my best friend. me and my best friend we were always together go together play together, walk together. but one day i saw a girl, that girl was new she was spanish and my best friend was spanish too that new girl didn't know know to speak englsih, so me and my best friend we to talk to them that new girl look at me at the eyes and i look were in the minds so i told my best friend to ask her what is her name and her age, her name was NARDA her age was 12, we were young i was 12 and my best friend was 12 and she was, so after like a week we started to talk with that new girl ( narda ) after like 1 mounth she came to my class and i was the first person she talk to in my class so she sat next to me, she doesn't speak english but a little so she tayght mw spanish and we had fun speaking it and saying the letter it was alot of fun
one day i was walking with her to the girls toilet and i asked her what our relationship means to her she said normal, i felt a little sad but didn't show it after i finished my school terms in the learning language, i went to high sckool Fairfield west sports, that girl new girl was my new best friend narda, so i started my school and i had the most boring time with out my friend narda she was always with me my favourite time. i started mt school. then after one term my best friend narda had to go to high school she said she will go to another school but i said to her that if she can comes to my school and we will have the most best times.

after that she promised me she will come to my school and that day she went to my school and she wanted to be the first person to come with me to my school. so after my school accepted her. in that minute she called me and said to me the happy news, i said to her that this was my dream that u come to my school beacause i know she cant come to my school but she even lied to the school so she can come with me, and the minute they accepted her she called me, it was my happiest day and dream. i still didn't beleive her but she sweared to me and promised me that she will come to my school so after that day i was praying that she will. so next year i went to school and i was waiting for her to get in that gate of the school.i kept waiting, waiting, and waiting, after all i saw her, since she entered the gate me and her the smiles in our faces didn't leave us. it was our happiest day, but i never told narda that i love her i never showed her that i love her i never did anything to show her the love, i try but can't cause my friend loves her but even my friend doesn't know that i love her no one does. she went out with my friend that he hated the most but after i gave her number to my friend he kept sending messeges but she never answered once she did he told her that he loves her. i was so stupit even she told me why i gave him her number i was out of my mind. but but but the most importand thing is that she came to my school

happiest day and dream that she came
and now we are always together but i stilll can't tell her that i love he


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