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Halloween party

I went out with a girl 6 months ago. Im dating her bestfriend now, well she used to be her bestfriend until me and her started dating. Me and her have only been dating less than a week but I can tell me and her will last a long time. I no a week isnt a long time but I love her already she is so beautiful shes funny and soo much more. Were young lovers as my mom would say and its true all I think about is her, on my notebook in school I write iloveyou all over it and the guys make fun of me but they have no idea how much she means to me. Friday was halloween and my ex came up to my girlfriends house for a get togther sort of thing and me and my girlfriend were really nice about it since shes my ex and all. So my girlfriend gets out from inunder my arm and sits up straight and then my ex gives us dirty looks and then she leaves and when shes outdoors she talks about my girlfriend and me and her got mad but we didnt do anything which was the right thing to do.Well Monday is our actual week of dating and it feels like we were ment to be!:)Im so happy I have her.


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