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Heart skips a beat

It was a cold day in January, just a few good friends enjoying each others company. A tall, dark haired, brown skin man walks in to my friend's house and introduces himself, "Hello everyone, I am Brent, John's friend." My eyes and his looked and in me I realized that this man was the one I had been waiting for. We kept running into each other at friend's gatherings, but we hardly spoke to each other. It might have been the shyness that overcame both of us, who knows, but finally one day we were left alone and began to talk, maybe forcefully but we did. We spoke of the past, our sad moments, and the future we both had dreamed about once. We looked at each others eyes and could see the fear that the past had input in our hearts. Nothing else was said. I walked away with a joy, yet feeling a fear of hurt one more time. Finally, one day I run into him, both alone, and decide to take a walk. We walked and talked for hours and when it began to get late, he said "I must go, but I enjoy your company, I never thought I could feel so good with anybody." I did not want him to go so I walked to a nearby garden near a church. He followed. I told him a story about how life never has to have a reason just a purpose. He leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I have found my purpose." My heart skipped a beat, the joy in my heart was reflected on my face. He leaned over, held my hand, and with his other hand pulled me close to him and kissed me. I had never believed in the magic of a kiss, a kiss that melted my being away, a kiss that took my breath, a kiss that let me know that this was for real, that he was all mine. From that day forward he has been my all and my reason. The one that still takes my breath away and makes my heart skip a beat. My one and only Love!!!


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