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Believe in miracles

We knew each other from work. He had been looking my way for quite a while, having a cute, sly smile when he did, which I noticed, but I never got any closer than work would allow. I thought he fancied me but I never make a move towards a man.

One night, some weeks after we first met, a party was happening at the club near my place. I was on my way home from another job and had wanted to go to the party but felt like dress, no time, no partner...

As I walked into the building to go home, I saw him walking up; walking towards me; he had the biggest smile on his face! He was smiling at me! As we met he asked if I wanted to go to the party! It's as though he was waiting for me to show up...but he wasn't...I don't *think*!!

We entered the party, arm in arm on the red carpet! I felt like Cinderella with my Handsome Prince escorting me into his gala affair! We had a glass of wine, we chatted, he looked at me with "that look"...then took his chance, grabbed me, kissed me, sending shock waves through my body electrifying me with his animal power!

My knees went weak, my brain turned to mush, my heart raced and I melted in his arms. His kisses were like sweet candy, and the candy store was all mine!

We have been in deep, wonderful love ever since...overcoming unbelievable obstacles and discovering a love within us we never could have imagined!!

I told him how lucky I feel to have him in my life. That I am the luckiest woman alive! He said HE is the luckiest man alive to have me...and have ME LOVING HIM!

Love is real! Love is around the corner when you least expect it! Believe in miracles! I do!


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