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Love is everywhere PART 3

So this Iranian guy I like we had conversation on msn like we did few days back.I get to know him more and more . Finally I found out he's not the one for me. He pushed me so bad to admit that I like(love) him.The more he pushed me is the more I tried to run away from the question. I started to think and made bad judgement on him.Why he like this ? If he loves me so why he push me so bad ? I'm not yet ready to say " I like u " since those words are very meaningful to me.Something cross my mind .. even I thought of this guy wanted to take advantage on me. Let me confess my love/liking on him and easily get me to sleep with him.
I dont really like to think this way but that's what I had on my mind. I speak it out to him and we end up fighting badly.I said those F**K words to him (chatting). He turn to be so mad and finally admitted he already have a girlfriend and he loves her. This guy is very ........ ( I dont have any words for it).That day was our last conversation chatting until today ( I submit this story).I warned him to keep away from me and never ever try to look/glance at me anymore. The next day I saw him in the campus I ignored him and he ignored me but I do believe he look back at me as I walked forward no turning back.He didnt online anymore. I blocked him.I dont know why I'm so mad ... may be because he already had a girlfriend but didnt tell me since from the start .. or may be coz he pushed me so hard ... or may be I chosed the wrong person... I dont know .. God I dont know ...Deep inside my heart I want to be with him but my mind said no .. this guy is not for me...Gos show me the way to get over this.Amen.


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