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My boyfriend I'm currently with is the most amazing thing that has EVER happened to me. It actually all started about two years before we ever dated. I meet him in my world history class / Math class. At that time I was with somebody else and I had no idea what love was. The guy I was with was really nice and loyal and he always told me sweet things so I felt a need to be as loyal as I could to him, but then when I meet Kaleb I had a feeling for him that I couldn't explain, but something about it made me resent the feeling completly. So I avoided him as much as I could, but it was impossible since he liked my best friend even though she didn't. Also I wasn't good at doing homework and consistently got send to the planner room to finish it, Kaleb had the same problem and every time we went in there we didn't get a thing done, he was constantly making me laugh. A year went by with me secretly hating him and labeling him rambunctious, and annoying. Then the next year we only had two short classes together, and they were so big I barely noticed he was there. Then my boyfriend broke up with me. The very next day me and Kaleb had a band field trip together. I didn't realize to much to him till my friend had to leave at the end of the field trip (we were at amusement park). I was completly exhausted of walking around. The windows of our activity buses are completly see through so that I could see into the next bus over. In the other bus one of my friends was spazzing out and I was laughing. Then I looked for a brief moment at Kaleb in the window behind her. I knew I had looked at him a million times before, but this time there was something different in his eyes, something different in his smile, something different in his wave, something that made me smile. We both stared at each other, sharing a gaze that could set the air on fire. After the buses left the station I gushed for about a half an hour and then fell asleep. When we got back to school and got off the buss, we didn't say a word we just walked to our cars sharing a gaze again. That night I had a good dream about him and it wasn't long before he asked me out. That day I was shaking all over and I couldn't make myself stop until He ran over to me after class and rode with me home. We where great for about two weeks, then we had a HUGE his understanding and broke up all through summer. I was miserable beyond belief. It was seriously like waking up each day and going out on stage to play a role in a play. Then one night I had a dream, the first part was just the front of my phone showing I had a txt message from him. The next part was when I was in a dark place and I could feel his arms around my stomach, hugging me from behind and the back of my shirt was wet, when I turned around he was crying. As soon as I saw him the dream changed, and it was me and him, we were somewhere really bright and we where laughing and holding hands like old times. That was the first morning in four months that I woke up happy. That day I did get a txt message from him, and he wanted me back, he said he felt stupid for ever breaking up up with me, and he missed me more than I could possibly believe. Of course I said yes, I loved him so much. To this day we are still together and I don't regret anything I've ever accepting him back. He is the love of my life and I know that if someday something were to go wrong again I would spend the rest of my life just like the four months we spent broken up. I love him more than he would ever possibly know.
-Love You Kaleb-


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