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We both said I DO

not a fary tale, TRUE STORY

26Nov 2006 was a hot sunday as i sat in my flat so bored i thought why not go and watch a movie, "Open Season catoon" had just came out in South Africa, so i went, for the first time in my life i went to the movies ALONE, which i now see that it was becaose i was to meet my life partner, after the movie this guy stops me and intruduces him self as TK i was like's one of those things LOL.

we then started talking and he told me how he has been following me since i got to the cinema but didnt know how to aprouch me, he told me everything that i did, even the fact that i went out before the movie started and that he started praying that i should come back becoase he wasnt sure that he will ever see me again....

he then said that when he saw me something told him thati will be his wife some day (i just looked at him and thought is that your best pickup we then talked and hen invited me to watch another movie with him, and i did since i was bored anyway...we watched "step up" it was late and the cinenna was quite,

so he touched me, i was like you dont even know is this what you have in mind...but then it happend again and it felt so good that i couldnt resist him so we kissed, well i thought what the hell i will probably never see this guy again, we went to his place and we did you know what....too soon....I know

we then exchanged numbers, not thinking he would call but he did and he did it until we both said I DO, we have just gotten marreid and we are soo inlove it glows....i never thought i would love someone the way i do with my husband. and i can see by the way he looks at me that he feels the same way about me......


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