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Sunshine fades away

Breathe...i cant breathe without you. But i have 2.Everytime you go away..nothing feels the same.My world is grey&cold.Without you around, the sunshine fades away. I tried not to need you.But it was hopeless, the moment i looked into your eyes.
Breathe..i cant breathe without you..but i know i have 2.They all try to tell me how to feel.Save me.This love is difficult but its REAL. Without you my heart is incomplete.Without isnt worth living.I love you and thats all i really know.We were both young when i first saw you.I cant help myself.If you look like an angel.Kiss like the bad boy from my dreams.I cant help myself.For loving you.I cant help it..if there is no one else for me.Hey baby, wont you come home soon? Cuz i miss you way to much.Your so beautiful.Cant help myself if i get lost in your eyes..everytime..i tell myself i've had enough.And i cant stand the smile at me..and i fall in love with you all over again.Breathe..i cant breathe without you. But i have 2.


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