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My Mom always told me that love would happen to me when I least expected it; and for 22 years of my life I spent every waking moment pretending that I wasn't expecting anything. Like a child who pretends to be sleeping, I acted the part, but always had one eye peeking open.

I spent a large majority of my life in sunny California, returning to my roots in Hawaii for high school, and finally getting my "higher education" in Fabulous Las Vegas. I went from place to place, without commiting to anyone...the offers were there, but my heart never was.

I finally moved to the vast lands of Kentucky to begin my career. I was unpacking boxes, and taking them out to the dumpster, when a black mustang ripped into the parking lot...again...with my "one eye open" technique, I pretended not to notice/care. A tall well built brunette cutie stepped out and we looked at each other like deer in headlights for a moment. He shuffled around with his keys and made his way to the mailbox (conveniently located next to the dumpster that I was obviously heading for).

We instantly hit it off, and spent nearly an hour chatting in the parking lot, getting to know one another. The sun began to set and we both went our seperate ways. My body fluttered, from my feet to the tips of my fingers. I still had a lot of moving in to do, so for the next few days I didn't really think to much about it.

On the day before Valentine's, I get a knock on my door at nearly 2 a.m. (I was still adjusting to the time difference...whoever was knocking was clearly out of their mind). Now before I tell you what happened next, it would be terribly relevant to explain the details of an otherwise irrelevant life story.

In my family we have a tradition, that at Christmas-time my Grandpa bakes a certain treat, and sends a container of his amazing concoction to all the family members. This little piece of heaven only arrives but once every year...and no one in the history of my life knows what delicacy I am talking about, it has always been a tradition that has remained in my family...SO moving on.

I open the door to him in black slacks, a blazer, and a tie (apparently from just getting off work...he was SMOKIN'). He held out a box and wished me a happy Valentines. You can imagine my shock when I realized that he had somehow found my family treasure of deliciousness. I was stunned, excited, and truly touched. I invited him in, and we just sat and talked for 5 hours. The sun began to rise and he went home with nothing more than a night of good conversation.

I still wasn't sold on the idea of dating him, I had been a wild bachelorette my whole life, and wasn't ready to be committed just yet. For the first time since living in my new town I decided to go to the local bar with some co-workers...very shady...shady co-workers, that at the time I had no idea just how shady, but I went nevertheless. We were having a good time, I was feeling pretty tipsy, and since I was use to living in Las Vegas, was not aware of such thing as "last call" so when the lights shot on, and the crowd dissipated I was left wondering where my friends were, and how I was going to get home.

I thought the only responsible thing to do would be to get in my car and sleep there until I sobered up, even though it probably wasn't the safest or most comfortable option. I made my way across the street when a couple of (for lack of a better definition) companion desperate fools aggressively tried to hit on me. I was panicking and as I reached for my car door I heard an engine rev behind me, and the guys ran back the other way across the street. I thought I was losing my mind, but I was actually experiencing a "cheesy knight in shining armor moment".

Apparently in my drunken stooper I had managed to text him the details of my whereabouts, and from that he deduced that I was way too drunk, and ill prepared. He gave me a ride home, dropped me off safely at my door and went back to his own apartment.

Months went by and we began spending more and more time with one another. We became really close. I remember one time we went running in the winter together at the University. Someone had left the gate to the football stadium unlocked and we snuck in, went all the way to the tallest bleacher, and looked out over the city. He kissed me.

There is so much more that I could tell, along with the amazing, there has also been the good, the bad, and unfortunately the ugly. I am beginning to understand that the ugly is necessary...even if it is really upsetting. We argue because we care, and because we are both 2 strong minded individuals. I don't know what will happen in my future and I try not to plan too much. If something this wonderful has happened when I really wasn't expecting it, I can only imagine what's left to come. So for those of you who can relish in my happiness, count your blessings, and for those of you who aren't quite there yet, no worries, I am an example that love is out there, the real kind that makes you understand why you're here. Never settle, and although it's hard to go through life without one eye open, try your damndest to go in blind. It's amazing what will happen.


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