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Never forget

Okay well to start off I better start at the beginning. At the time, I was 15 years old and living in Australia, and going to Thailand for a holiday.
The first place we stayed at was in Bangcok, the capital. I noticed that there was a really good looking guy staying 2 rooms down from me, and I saw him everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE! Like, you can imagine like 2million people crammed into a city, and for some reason, I kept bumping into him.. Like during tours, in the shops, in elevators.. it was crazy! But In a good way because I could always check him out, and I noticed that he checked me out too, which was thrilling, I could feel the sparks fly between us. Like.. everytime i looked t him, he was looking at me, and i couldnt help to wear a permanent smile.
When We moved to our next resort (which was on a totally different island) I was kind of shattered that I would never see him agian.
Anyway, one night my family decided to go To the City, which was about 50 minute drive from where we were staying.. and you guess it, I SAW HIM AGAIN!
So His family decided to have a few drinks with my family, and we got talking, finally, And while i was talking to him, i realised how impossible it was that anything would every happen, for starters he was 8 years older then me, he lived on the opposite side of Australia to me. But that didn't stop us. We flirted all night, and after we had both had one too many drinks, we went for a walk on the beach across from where we were sitting.
It was an amasing setting, it was a full moon, the water was shining thousands of little starts off it's surface, not to mention the fireworks being let off (though that was nothing special, they go off almost every night).
We were walking through the shallows of the waves, and he was holding my hand. It was like all of my christmases were coming at once.
Then he started to tickle my sides, and we were casually just having fun.. and then he playfully pushed my into a sand dune and kissed me.
It wasnt one of those drunken, sloppy kisses, it was amasing.
It sent waves of heat up and down my spine, and bodies intertwined and melted together until it felt like we were just person.

The night went on, and i knew that this could work, if only fate would alow it.
Then the worste thing imaginable happened... Because we were staying so far away from the city, we had aranged for a shuttle-bus to pick us up at 2.00am. It was 1.45am, And I had to go back to my family.
I had to leave him.

We walked me back up to the bar and I found my family. The shuttle bus came, and i hesitently got into the van. I sat at the back and turned to face him- the man I knew I would never see again. I look at his face, I looked into his green eyes, at his scruffy brown hair, that just minutes before had my fingers running through it. I looked at his weak smile, and I knew he was thinking the same thing I was- "goodbye".
As the shuttlebus roared to life, i winced away from the sound, knowing that it signaled our leaving.
A cloud of smoke puffed up behind the van, somewhat clouding the man I loved, though I could still make out the dusted fugure waving sadly behind the van. As the smoke settled, we were already to far away to see his face, but he was still standing there, his brother's hand resting on his shoulder. He just stood there, and i sat there watching, untill the darkness of the night swallowed the figures into what seemed like a blackness carrying on forever.
I rested my head on the edge of the van's window and a quiet tear lolled down my cheek.
I knew that that was the best, and worste love of my life.
I will never forget him.


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