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Deep emotional ravine

She just suddenly appeared into my life, ended up as my best friend. We talked about everything, eveywhere, everyday. She would phone me for no reason at all, just to talk to me, and i would do the same. Sometimes we hold hands, sometimes we hugged, and i have always felted the magic of life whenever we comforted each other like that. It was not before long that i fell deeply in love with her. For half a year i have kept my feelings for her in order not to jeopardize my friendship with her.

Finally, i couldn't take it anymore, i told sent her flowers, and i told her. She was overwhelmed, and told me nothing was ever gonna happen between us because we were too close friends. I fell down a deep emotional ravine, not only because of her rejection, but also because she gradually started avoiding me.

It's been 3 years since. She has moved to another country to work, and we keep in touch less, but part of my heart still believe in a miracle. One day, i was transiting in the airport to another country, when i suddenly saw her. Her! Tears overwhelmed us, we hugged, and i poured my heart to her. She cried, she smiled, she finally, finally kissed me. She told me about the times when she didn't want to spoil our friendship, and also the times when she then realized that love creates best friends, and then soul mates.

I have never felt a moment that happy.


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