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Miracles do happen

"Yes, love exists.
You can grow up thinking that you had found your first love, or you're in love for the first time (or more), but sometimes, those may just be assumptions..."-Just a thought.

XXX.I go by Loovelvel, just to keep my name confidential,
and I'm in highschool. --
I found my first love in middle school, 7th grade.
He was in my science class for 5th period. We didn't talk much, and back then, both of us looked very nerdy. o.o"
But he liked me, his best friend, a girl, told me that. Yes, she was in our science class too. No, I didn't like him then, "BLAHHH, UHHH" kept back tracking in my mind when I thought of him. He was so close to asking me out, and he sat right next to me too! PHEW, he didn't, his best friend told him I didn't like him.
*Note#1; His best friend was nice. She seems cool. And he used to like her at the beginning, but of course he knows, she's not into his type.
A few weeks after he stopped liking me, I found out some feelings for him. I TRIED TO SURPRESSED IT SO BAD. ARGGG, I HOPED THAT I COULD HAVE THROWN AWAY THOSE STUPID ITY BITY FEELINGS! But I just can't. And they kept growing. I looked at his myspace profile too much, for no reason. Natural reflex reaction to kept clicking on his page. Wierd..Or not. But at the time, different.
Fast forward, he had two girlfriends during his time in middle school. His first ex-girlfriend is my friend, and she's very funny and outgoing, 'course she goes for hotter guys and "this guy" can never be for her. She does not love him. They got together over the summer I believe, summer on going to 8th grade. They broke up before 8th grade started. They didn't do anything. Hold hands and hug?
Ughh, I don't want to remember, but that's okay, they were friends. His other ex-girlfriend, I had no clue who she is. I've seen her around of course, but nothing further. Sure, I've heard some good things and bad things. ehh. As long as he's happy right? His 1st ex-gf told me this girl is a meanie butt. But that's okay, since those two knows each other and hates each other. I shouldn't be saying anything since I don't know the 2nd one well enough for it.
SHE DUMPED HIM. D:< Within a week?

That was 8th grade. He knew I liked him on the day he got with her. >.> The pain I got..."/
*Note#2; His best friend is still his best friend, she hates me, we don't talk, no classes together, she gave me fake hello's and mean eye contact. I have no idea why.
He, however, I suppose, DOES NOT LIKE ME. But there was things going on, like dances. Grad dance was the first time I confessed to him, instead of saying "thanks" he said "okay". But either way, it was not time. I thought that was over, I thought I should stop liking him.

...Freshman year, no classes with him.
Guess what? I still like him, no one else I'd want.
I HAVE 1 hot guy who I CAN have. 1 cute guy who I CAN have.
1 JUNIOR who I CAN have. Three other that likes me.

NONE, I don't want. Just not the same you know?
*Note#3; his best friend is in another highschool.
Gone. But still, she's number one in his top friends on myspace. But I'm not trippin' on that, whatever.

FAST FORWARD, we got together. What a long story. o.o"
I asked him to be my bf, since I saw major changes on the way he's treating me lately. I was patient. I waited all this time for him. It feels like heaven being with him. Knowing that he's mines to keep, depending on how I treasure that fact. I want this to be real. Nothing can stop us, although obstacles are many. Such as his best friend, disapproves us being together. "THEY MAKE A HORRIBLE COUPLE". But I suppose he doesn't care. Because he loves me, with or without her approval. I'm fourth on his top, when he has a top 5. Still, I'm not going to trip about it. He's mine and that's all that matters.
I hope you guys understand, miracles does happen.
It's life. Be who you are, and if the guy sees no other girl better, he'll turn back to you.

Same with guys in other words.


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